Spicy Fish Roe Soup


Pollack Soup


Clam Soup


Braised Cutlassfish


Braised Mackerel


Small Octopus & Beef Intestines & Shrimp with spicy soup


Spicy Eel


Spicy Sliced Pork & Squid


Soybean Paste Stew 
with Seafood


Frozen-dried Pollack
Hangover Soup


Loach Soup


Freshwater Eel Soup


Freshwater Marsh Clam Soup


Oyster Soup


Seaweed Fulvescens 
and Oyster Soup


Grilled Fish


Cold Raw Swordtip Squid Soup with conch


Parboiled Octopus


White Shrimp


Chicago Pizza


Sea Snail